No, Stay Away from me!

“Stay away from me!” Those words when shared by loved ones can be heartbreaking. Right now that’s the new normal for many people across the world –  for many children, wives, husbands, and friends who are either in direct combat in the war against COVID -19.

“Shana I am lonely” were the words that came from a dear friend to me.

That got me thinking.

Jamaica has thousands of healthcare workers and frontline persons and those persons have families and friends. Truth is you are a friend or relative of one, I know I am.

When he said, “Shana I am lonely”, that was a sincere cry because it had been days that he had not hugged nor sat with his other half. This was his reality and the virus had not even begun to spread in the Caribbean rapidly. It was still the early days.

We remember the healthcare workers and persons on the frontline, a matter of fact, we salute and cheer them on. However, let’s also remember the families of these heroes. Every day these husbands, wives, and children sacrifice their someone, for everyone.

In Jamaica, we say, “tun bad ting mek joke” and so we laugh at COVID-19, at the curfew, and at social distancing. We try to make light of the horror around but while we remind our neighbours or a friend outside at the gate, “hey remember social distancing” with a smile, remember a mom or dad, a husband or wife is saying STAY AWAY in a panic to a loved one and that’s no joke. Remember a non-COVID patient is in the hospital who cannot get visitors because we must practice social distancing.

Reach out to that wife, girlfriend, husband, mom or dad, doaughter or son of a healthcare worker, a policeman, a supermarket worker. Give them a call, send a Whatsapp message, just check in on how they are doing, because I can’t imagine the heartbreak felt every night or morning when our heroes go home.

Will you?

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I appreciate you for reading.