Mi Passion on Lock-down

Well it seems like during these months of isolation, quarantine, lock-down scores of persons across the world have found their knack, their thing, themselves, their passion. I on the other hand have not been experiencing this in the way I would love to.

The first few months was spent being taken care of after a major surgery. That took up to let’s say 3 full months. The second phase of months for me after recovery was spent prepping mentally for everything. It was as though that was went I realized the world was really in a pandemic: people dying, countries slowing down and not much happening. I felt slow, sad and with the lost of my uncle during this time it came home to me that COVID-19 was still around.

I felt during the second phase my body building up defense mechanisms to withstand the lasting emotional trauma COVID-19 could leave behind. It’s amazing how our body’s are designed. The human being has along with a physical immune system, an emotional or may I say pyscho-social immune system. Designed to strengthen us mentally and emotionally.

I felt this immune system “muscling up” – daily. Does that make sense to you?

Deep breathing routines were no longer a thing for when I get angry or during walks. Every day during work hours I would pause to take deep I mean really deep breaths and mentally count. I remember saying, “In 1,2,3,4”, hold 1-2-3-4 and out 1-2-3-4 about 4-6 times. Simple but effective for me.

Being honest with my capacity has kept me sane. I work in what I call a stressful environment if you let it be. The education system in JA seems to be well figuring things out and leading in it means being proactive and honest. I don’t have all the answers and if I pretend to then my anxiety levels increased. Being honest with my capacity has kept me sane. Saying things like, not right now, I don’t know but I will do some research and get back to you. Dropping my perfection habits helps.

A big surprise for me though was that I was not able to complete one single self project so far. Bummer, I thought.

I have an extensive list of things to achieve:

to set up a Spanish tutoring business

market my Spanish book more, you can review it here if you wish, but I would completely appreciate if you purchased it as a gift for a child you know.

start writing another book

learn a new programming language and build a chat bot

The list goes on and on but instead I found myself procrastinating like it’s nobody’s business. I started and stopped, made contacts and things fell through. I was concerned about my strange behaviour I call it.

Until I decided to really take a look at what was happening with me.

The only 3 consistent things I do now are;

  1. Write down my dreams/visions and goals – The more I have ideas the more I write daily. No matter how silly or impossible they my seem I get my pen and journal and write them down.
  2. I read educational materials. Early on I read a book on Emotional Intelligence and now  I am reading Lincoln Leadership.  I am more comfortable reading books that have actionable steps I can easily try.
  3. Like my daily vitamins. I am doing a personal bible study because I am interested in building my mental health. Thirty Discipleship Exercises – The pathway to Christian Maturity is the book for me. A foundation that feeds and strengthens the emotional part of me is important.

What about you? Have you completed any new project during the pandemic? Do tell.

P.S. Drop me a line in the comment box. I love reading your comment.

Clarity Is Freedom

I appreciate you for reading.

Add Koffee to your playlist today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSzv3K3Keyg

Be kind to yourself.
Be patient with yourself. Baby steps count.
Give yourself permission to stop, start over whenever you are ready.